Established in 1997 and registered under the Partnership Act, Marks Associates is promoted by five equal partners – Mrs. Mohan, Mr. Augustine, Mr. Karunanidhi, Mr. Suresh Babu and Mrs.Ramesh and have nominated Mr. Augustine Jebaraja as the Managing partner. Under his efficient and systematic management the firm has grown to a commendable level in the field of cement wholesale. Our managing partners’ voluminous experience, cooperation and diligent performance has helped Marks Associates to emerge as one of the leading whole sale dealers in Chennai and enjoying good reputation in the cement trading circle as well with the cement manufacturers. The tremendous success is relies on the efficiency of our dedicated and highly motivated marketing people, reliable set of sub dealer network, timely supportive bankers and the every time principals – the manufacturers.

The firm is poised to play a key role in the city’s cement trading activity in the upcoming years. To this end the firm is confident and ready than ever before to face any uphill challenges in cement trading irrespective of the oscillating market conditions. To meet the ongoing growth in the cement industries, we constantly require an additional source of fund to meet the growing demand even though our principles don’t offer any undue credit facilities. We are in the process of extending credit to our sub dealers, builders and other regular clients. Hence we are in need of additional funds to meet our growing business activities.